中国十大网赌正规排名 is a comprehensive community college committed to the true student success experience… in college or out of college.

Within this section, you will find helpful links, programs and services throughout 我们的校园社区. 一定要复习一下 中国十大网赌正规排名手册 for information 关于大学政策和程序.  如果你有任何问题, please use the menus on this page to explore the many resources available to you.





  • 入学深思熟虑


  • 文本转语音
  • 屏幕上的增强
  • 电子书信息和推荐


  • 残疾问题
  • 转介、职业咨询等.

Support & Referral

  • Advocacy & Support
  • 信息 & Referral


  • 额外测试时间
  • 优先教室座位等.


  • 读者/抄写员
  • 符号翻译
  • CART

介绍 myGC Student Planning, a self-service course planning software tool that that helps you to:


• succeed and complete your educational goals in a timely manner

• keep you on track with your academic progress 

• explore new programs you are interested and view course catalog and syllabus at one click

• register and pay for courses simply from your 手机、平板电脑或电脑

Visit the myGC section on the 浪涛门户 to get started!





特别服务s Office strives to coordinate services that provide a supportive environment and promote educational success for students with learning differences.  A variety of programs, services and related activities are designed to provide educational support to students who self-identify as having a disability. 

特别服务s Advisor works with 中国十大网赌正规排名 students, faculty, staff and administrators to comply with state and federal regulations.  特别服务 Advisor assists students who learn differently with academic adjustments and axillary 协助提供平等进入学院的机会.

The 中国十大网赌正规排名 Special Services Office provides students with assistance and information as required by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1972 and the Americans 《1990年残疾人法案. 

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The 德克萨斯州退伍军人门户网站 connects veterans, their families, and caregivers to the benefits and services earned through their military service. 感谢你们为国效力!

Department Email
Admissions admissions@wsmyc.com
(409) 944-1230
业务办公室 bo@wsmyc.com
(409) 944-1362
咨询咨询中心 advising@wsmyc.com
(409) 944-1220
金融援助 finaid@wsmyc.com
(409) 944-1235
IT服务台 helpdesk@wsmyc.com
(409) 944-1352
Testing gctesting@wsmyc.com
(409) 944-1290

(409) 944-1399

可访问性/特殊需要 accessibility@wsmyc.com
(409) 944-1223
向上的束缚 pperez@wsmyc.com
(409) 944-1254
架起通往成功的桥梁 BBS@wsmyc.com
(409) 944-1296
继续教育 ce@wsmyc.com
(409) 944-1344
远程教育 distanceed@wsmyc.com


The 中国十大网赌正规排名手册 is intended to provide information about policies and procedures and to be a useful 你学业成功的工具. The 中国十大网赌正规排名 catalog is the primary source for information about the academic policies and regulations that govern students’ 学术生活. As a student of 中国十大网赌正规排名, you are responsible for knowing and abiding by the policies and regulations set forth in the 大学目录.

Additional information is available through the Office of Special Services located in the Counseling Center located on the first floor of Moody Hall.

It is the policy of 中国十大网赌正规排名 to provide equal opportunities without regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability, genetic information 或者老兵身份.




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职业教练 is a FREE online tool designed to help you find a great career by providing the most current local data on wages, employment, job postings, and associated education 和培训.

Through a simple keyword search, you can learn about the employment prospects of differing careers. The real-time information is customized to the College’s geographic region and includes detailed wage estimates and up-to-date job postings associated with any career. Users are directed to the College’s programs when searching for specific jobs.

职业教练 also includes a built-in resume builder to help students and jobseekers quickly put together an updated resume with key skills and previous job experiences.


Financial aid is available to help eligible part-time and full-time students pay for college. It can be a combination of grants, loans and work-study.


In addition to federal and state aid, scholarships are a great way to help with the 你的教育费用. To learn more about the types of scholarships and deadlines.

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